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bucket-list activities






bucket-list activities




Unique Experiences of a lifetime

We believe that everyone should live their dream life, and we believe that being healthy, whilst exploring the world with great people is a pretty amazing life. 

To build a community of like-minded people, we organise fun activities in Malta where people come 'alone' and leave with a huge smile on their face, with new friendships formed.

Now if you want to join us on any of our activities in Malta, or would like to start discovering the world with us, Contact us Now. 

Let us plan your next trip

Group Travel

This is more of an experience than just a trip. It is almost never about the destination, but rather the journey. We turn the excitement into sheer fun with activities we do in Malta so that you will get to know the group you will travel with to make your experience memorable.

We  believe that small, intimate groups allow the possibility to really get to know the people you are travelling with.  

This is ideal for people who want to break their comfort zone, and join one of our groups - a bunch of people you'll soon call friends.  Contact us Now to #MakeitHappen

Private Travel

Unlike group travel, here you will get your group of friends together, and let us sort the details of your trip. Choose where you want to go, and when you want to go, and we'll take care of all the rest. 

We have been to the towns and cities you want to travel to, therefore we can give you accurate information about the best way to design your itinerary.  Plus, we have tried and tested contacts who are sure to offer consistently high quality service to all our clients.

This is ideal for people whose friends love to travel too, an are available to travel to the same destinations you want to visit. 


Honeymoons can be very stressful and most couples do not even know where to start. 

Being a married couple ourselves, we know what it takes to design an awesome honeymoon package for you whilst keep your needs in mind.

Take the stress off, focus on your wedding plans, and let us plan the trip of a lifetime!