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Group Travel

At Kraze Travel we believe that small, intimate groups allow the possibility to really get to know the people you are travelling with, to create memories for a lifetime.

This is ideal for people who want to break their comfort zone and join one of our groups – a bunch of people you’ll soon call friends.  

Private Holidays

Get your group of friends together, and let us sort the details of your trip. Choose where you want to go, and when you want to go, and we’ll take care of all the rest. 

This is ideal for people whose friends love to travel too, an are available to travel to the same destinations you want to visit. 

Upcoming trips in Group Travel

Kraze, is not your ‘average’ Travel Agent in Malta.

Whether you will join a small group of like-minded people on big adventures to epic destinations in a safe and fun way. Or if you want to be flexible with your dates and venture on a private trip with your friends, partner, or family… We’ve got your back!

At Kraze Travel as Travel Agents in Malta, we have been to the towns and cities you want to travel to, therefore we can give you accurate information about the best way to design your itinerary.  

Plus, we have tried and tested all our contacts who are sure to offer consistently fun and safe holidays. We have planned epic holidays for you to enjoy in a safe way. Click below to discover the next planned trips that Kraze Travel as Travel Agents in Malta.

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We believe that who you travel with is as important as the destination. Fellow travelers can make or break your holiday. To help us offer you the holiday that’s most suitable to your likings, choose who you will be traveling with by clicking the images below to start getting information about your next adventure.

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Kraze Travel Agents in Malta


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