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We strive to ensure that everyone who

 wants to travel has the opportunity to

 have the most epic experience ever

Community of like-minded people 1st. Travel Agents 2nd.

Through Kraze Travel, we carry out our mission of giving amazing experiences to fellow travellers. We oraganise multiple events in Malta and have informative (and Fun) meetings at our office in Attard.

Making new friends is up to you, but we'll make it very easy

Come solo, or get your clan with you. We got you covered. Our team-building activities are sure to break the ice between you and fellow travellers, and the people within our community are extremely welcoming. 

Small Groups means less hiccups and more  friendships 

We hate travelling in large groups too. We only take a maximum of 19 people. Small groups & the many solo travellers who join us, make easy for people to bond during the trip. 

Also, it means far less waiting time. 

Here are a few things about us:

  • Luke & Romy are the heart and soul behind Kraze Travel. In 2016, we decided to leave it all behind and Travel. To read more about that, Click here (Lovin Malta).
  • Since then we've been to more than 50 countries together, and we only offer trips to destinations we've been to ourselves to ensure that we only talk from our own experiences, not from what we research on Google. 
  • We hated the concept behind travel agencies too. That's why we decided to create something that's completely different. And it worked. We have created a community of young, like-minded people, where 85% of our clients are less than 44 years old. 
  • Over the past 2 years we've had more than 33 groups going on incredible journeys together in Nepal, Morocco, Peru, Vietnam and others, with 47% of the travellers joining Kraze Travellers as a solo traveller (and make new friends within the group). 
  • More than 200 people have recommended our service We have these testimonials on Facebook Kraze Travel, Tag Along Travellers, and on website
  • Kraze Travel is run by a team of experienced professionals, complimenting each others' skills, with access to modern systems, enabling us to work in a highly organised fashion. 

What is Kraze Travel about? 

Our Mantra is "Dream, Believe and Make it Happen". Through Kraze Travel we want to help people to live their Dream, and Travel.

We are community of like-minded people, and we do events in Malta, and in some of the most amazing destinations on Earth. 

Adventure is within our DNA. Any trip that we has a jam-packed picked with adrenaline pumping activities, such as trekking, quad biking, canyoning and white water rafting, just to name a few. 

We believe that the destination of the trip is as important as the people you are travelling with. People who join us are young, open-minded, and ready for an adventure

You can research on the internet where you are going yourself. But we refuse to do that. Unlike other travel agencies, we will only advise you about places we've been to ourselves only, so we always talk from first-hand experience.

On top of that, we only organise trips to places where we've finalised agreements with reliable services providers in each destination, to ensure a top quality service.  

Through experience, we have specialised in Vietnam, Peru, Nepal, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Turkey, Sicily and Thailand. 

About you? 

First of all, we'd like to thank you visiting our website.... Thank You! 😊

Being here means you love travelled just as much as we do - which is awesome! Over the past 2 years, we've had different people asking us to help them make their Dreams Come True. 

  • Tag Along Trips - young people who are looking for a change or an adventure, and are ready to go out of their comfort zone by meeting new friends, and exploring different cultures in group travel. 
  • Clan Trips - from small groups of 4 friends, to a entire families, we took care of designing a perfect tailored-trip that thrilled everyone who joined. 
  • Family Trips - couples who want to explore the world with their children in a safe environment on a tailored-trip. 
  • Honeymoon - couples who wanted to have a stress-free holiday in Bali that included relaxing with a touch of adventure and romance. 
  • Wellness Trips - thriving companies are head over heels on attracting and retaining the best talent. Performing team-building activities in foreign cultures, whilst everyone is having a good time boost employee culture. 

If you feel that we can help you live your travel dreams, we humbly ask you to read on, to discover what's in it for us. How we, a teacher and an engineer, got to a stage in our life were we are inviting you to join our community of like-minded people through our Travel Agency in Malta... 

Feeling totally lost: Our Story 

We had everything. Luke had a successful ISO Certifiction business, and Romy was a teacher. We’d just got engaged with 1 year to go for their wedding... 

Yet still, life wasn’t great. We weren’t satisfied with the trajectory of our lives..

We had to figure out what we really wanted to do in our lives. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because through travel, we have received the opportunity to do what we love, by helping people live their dreams.

Now we run Kraze Travel, as the medium through which we enable people to tick items off their bucket list in some of the most amazing places on Earth. 

Leaving it all Behind

Back in 2016 we both quit our jobs because we couldn't cope where is doing something with it in love day in day out.

After deciding to leave it all behind and travel

We're not sure who we really were anymore.

Luke is a mechanical engineer by profession. After less than 2 years in the profession he realised that's it wasn't for him an so he started from scratch to find work that suited his character.  

After being rejected several times I finally found a job in sales and marketing and from there, he went on to create a consulting firm.

Romy was a teacher. She's always had the travel bug. Before meeting Luke, she had already travelled extensively, including a one-year backpacking experience in Australia. After Luke proposed she thought that her life was settled. She imagined herself planning her wedding. 

We both had a secure income, a home to live in, yet that wasn't what we were after... we wanted to live! 

Instead, we decided to leave it all behind, and travel because we choose to live every day, and we die once. And we're not sure when that'll happen, so we don't like to postpone on our dreams.. 

The Journey Begins

Our mantra is is to Dream, Believe and #MakeItHappen.

We didn't want to fall into society strap of buying amazing objects that will only make us happy for a short while. 

Instead, we wanted to invest in experiences, we wanted to invest in our own relationship. so, we decided to travel.

We sold everything we had, and we set out on a journey that included only flights to India and coming back from the Philippines. With nothing planned in between.

And what we discovered along the way blew our minds! 

Treasures from our journey

We had no plans to visit Nepal, but life took us there. Even though we enjoyed travelling solo, while we were trekking in the Himalayas, we learnt the power of being in a group.

Alone we wouldn't have managed to reach the summit and therefore we decided to team up with fellow travellers to reach the summit of the Thorong La pass withing a group. Reaching the peak was one of the best experiences of our lives (Luke cried!). 

We met so many interesting locals, who had incredible stories to tell, like Carlos who was head hunted by Pablo Escobar. We slept with local people, and ate local food (which kinda hurt our stomach sometimes)...

We wanted to experience it all... and somehow we were compelled to share what we've discovered.    

Tag Along Travellers: our first way of sharing our best memories

During our travels, we instantly discovered that what we really wanted to do 'when we grow up'.

We realised that we wanted to push people out of their comfort zone, and to help people to live their dreams, and travel.

We were so grateful for our experiences, that we felt like we had an obligation to share some of the experiences we've had throughout our travels. And we launched a blog called Tag Along Travellers. 

There, we shared some of the amazing gems we had discovered. Some of the places we’ve been to, were shit, and we shared that too. 

We just wanted to find the hottest locations on Earth, and share them with you, like this blog about the things to do in Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Based on our experiences, many people were asking us for tips on how to travel, however we quickly discovered that most people don’t have who to travel with. Including us. And that there's a benefit to group travel...

Our First Journey together (without even knowing) was in group travel

We quickly remembered we'd met on a group travel trip ourselves...

In August 2012, Romy had organised a trip between friends to India. Friends got their friends with them, and in all 11 people joined that group. Luke was one of them. During the trip, as happens with small groups, everyone became friends, including Luke and Romy.

Still, during the trip there wasn’t any attraction (even though Luke keeps on insisting that Romy was flirting with him…).

Yet 1 year later, the friendship was still going strong, and then there was the spark! Now, 5 years later we are married, thanks to a random trip we took in India.

Which showed that that yes, you can travel in a group and meet new like-minded people. We realised that since that trip in India, we had never travelled with anyone else to exciting destinations.

We had no one to travel with

As we grew older, we all get to choose our own lifestyle. Our own best friends have never been with us on any trip to SE Asia, or some other remote country...

We’ve only travelled on short breaks in Europe, because that’s what they’d rather do. We love our friends to bits, but we’re into different styles of travel.

We think that it's very normal to not have friends who love travel the same way as you do. As is the case with us..

We also knew the power of groups, based on our experience in Nepal, and since we met on group travel ourselves, we wanted to do what we love, and leave it open to anyone who enjoyed doing what we enjoyed doing too… we started with a single trekking activity in Malta.

And from there we ended up having 60 people who were due to trek in Nepal. Even though we could have done with one BIG group (ala other Maltese travel agencies), we decided to split people in 4 groups, of 15 people each so we had a real connection with each of the fellow travellers.

Romy had her birthday on the day we reach the summit of the Thorong La Pass. Now, without even tell Luke, every person in the group carried with them 1 small item, that was all they needed to throw a surprise birthday party high up in the mountains - such is the power of the bond of the people in our groups!  

Creating a Community of like-minded people

Since day 1, we wanted to meet new like-minded people ourselves. So far, we’ve made many new friends, and multiple levels of connection and bonding, and it feels great.

Just like we did, many other fellow travellers who have travelled in our groups have remained friends well beyond their trip, some have even started dating.

Since we all like the same things, we organise events in Malta, including trekking, adventure games, and weekends out for a drink (or 5).

People who have travelled with us, and who will soon travel with us join these events, however they are open to anyone. None of the people who join us stay in their own mini group.

And it is great to see that everyone is so welcoming, and open for new friendships. And the community kept on growing, and we had even got the License to operate as a Travel Agency

We didn’t want a Travel Agency

Since we organise events in Malta and abroad, we are technically labelled as a Travel Agency.

We are licensed by all relevant government entities, including MTA who have issued us with a License, and we are part of the Insolvency Fund. 

That said, we don’t like the word travel agency. We hate that word, like we hate Tour Leader, and the word Tours in general. We’d rather say we have a Trip Manager who takes people on a Trip.. 

That’s a cosmetic change, just the tip of the iceberg of how we always want to be different.

We’ve never travelled with any other travel agency ourselves. We wouldn’t event dare to.

Once, we were in Croatia on a 2-month Europe road trip, and Luke’s parents were there on a Tour with a big and famous Maltese travel agency.

We met in Dubrovnik and finding our parents was easy – just follow the trembling sound of 50 Maltese people, mostly in their 50s and above. It was a shocking experience.

By watching this tour, we learnt how not to organise group travel.

We didn’t want to be like that, however not everything was within our control. We could control the number of people we’ll allow in each group (max 19), to ensure that everyone get the opportunity to meet the other people in the group.

But we couldn’t control the people who join us (mind you, we did respectfully refuse people from joining us on trip).

Yet somehow, through a touch of magic, most of the people who talk to us are people that we actually like. They are like us.

Fun and adventurous people, who are determined to be the best version of themselves started talking us..

People who don't exactly like to be ‘normal’. They’d rather challenge themselves. Not only in travel, but in life.  

Launching Kraze Travel 

Kraze Travel is really a community of like-minded people who go on epic adventures in Malta and abroad. Even though we are labelled as a Travel Agency, we're not same. Here's how:

Kraze Travel

  • we explore for ourselves, and we give you back only the highlights 
  • our itineraries are jam-packed with adventure, with enough free time
  • we take small groups of max 19 people and see friendships created
  • attracting the younger generation 
  • make use of technology to help us serve you faster 
  • we organise events in Malta to build a community of people

Other Travel Agencies

  • work from behind a computer to do research
  • no adventures are included to cater for the older generation
  • take as many people as possible to maximise profit  
  • attracting the not so young generation
  • take their time to rectify issues which might crop up
  • cater for people who will go with someone, else they're alone

But we could never possibly do all this alone 

Luke is a lousy holiday planner. Once he wanted to plan a trip to Livigno, Italy for Romy. And he actually managed to get that wrong. Somehow, he thought that Livigno is a Region in Italy, not an actual town. 

So Romy does all the planning, and meticulously decides on the most amazing locations to visit in each places we’re going to.

Which would be amazing were it to be done on a small scale.

Now over the past 2 years, we’ve had more than 1,000 people travelling with us in group travel, honeymoons, and tailored trips.

Keeping in mind what’s needed to ensure that all flights, VISAs, insurance, itineraries, and team-building activities are all going well, would have been a nightmare from Romy to handle using a pen and paper approach.

And that’s how Luke helped Romy to plan trips for so many people. By implementing the skills he’d learnt from the 4 years running a consulting firm, we can ensure that we have everything under control.

We also have colleagues working with us, Elaine and Christianne who help us handle some of 100s of requests we get each day. We cannot thank them enough for sharing our vision, and always being ready to help you to live their dreams, and to travel.  

Trip managers are our pride and joy. They are some of the most outgoing, energetic and caring people we know who are sure to lead the group professional, and yet FUN way.

trip managers of kraze travel

People who have helped us share our message

We aim to inspire people with our story. We just want to show that...

It's okay to change the trajectory of your life. You might have studied something, but you'd like to do something else. Do it! Or you have always lived in a certain way, because you thought that was normal, but you don't really like it. Change it!  

We now invite you to follow your dreams too, no matter what they may be. It might not be easy at first. Don't give up. Never, ever give up! 

Dream, Believe and (we promise that eventually you too will) #MakeItHappen.

We're thankful to all those who have helped us share our story. They've helped us reach that since then, has led us to see, with our own eyes people Living their Dreams.

Click on the respective links to see what they had to say about our story.

Romy & Luke Desira

Get to know us better and meet us in person  

If you're interested in joining the Kraze Community, we invite you to join us in one of the upcoming events.