Backpacking Tours that will challenge you to the core!

The backpacking tours are strictly for the hardcore. For those who love a challenge, those who dare adventure and those who love being outside their comfort zone. On our backpacker, adventure trips expect to meet like-minded people who do not mind camping under the stars, self-driving through exotic countries, or skip a shower or two.

If any of these have made you cringe then this category of trips is not for you and it’s best that you opt for our chill adventures category. If you’d rather catch a night train than an internal flight, sleep on a hammock rather than in a resort, trek to a destination rather than be driven there and eat street food rather than a restaurant on trip advisor than this is where you can expect to meet like-minded people who love the backpacker vibe. 

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bali white water rafting with kraze travel
group self drive holiday in new zealand
man on river while on a group tour with kraze travel

tents on inca trail with group travel to peru

On our backpacker adventures, you can expect to be challenged and always with a thrilling experience to keep you going. If you love nature and want to check driving a tuk-tuk off your bucket list through the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, then this group trip should be the one for you.

If you’re into beaches, the good news is that you can extend your trip to Sri Lanka to the Maldives, where you can get up close and personal with marine life.

If you like a mix of nature and beaches with a touch of culture and trekking than Bali should be on your list. Or perhaps you want to meet a group of backpackers traveling through South East Asia’s most famous Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

For a shorter yet active trip filled with adventure then how about hop on our Turkey outdoor adventure where you can check off many adrenaline and bucket list experiences. If you want to go all-out nature to the far-away land of heaven on earth than a self-drive campervan trip is the one for you.