Beach Holidays to sip cocktails & just unwind.

Beach Holidays are always a good idea. If sipping on a cocktail is your thing than join us on our itineraries that focus on beaches and summer fun. Here you can expect like-minded people who love the same beach and pina colada vibes. Imagine palm trees hanging over crystal clear waters which hug long white sandy beaches, and yourself relaxing in between two palm trees just chilling out and having the break you deserve.

Many countries around the world offer these beautiful beach adventures and our itinerary ensures than you will not only enjoy and relax but also integrate the beauty of the marine world. If you fancy snorkeling on the reefs in the areas than you can expect to get up close and personal with colorful coral and perhaps also turtles.

Summertimes are not just from July to September you can also get a wonderful tan from January to April when visiting the exotic places, we have in store for you on these beach-focused theme trips.   

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Bali island hopper with group tours

turkey outdoor adventure

Philippines swimming holiday

Our shopping spree trips are great therapy for those who love it. If you want a short quick shopping spree fix than join our trip to Sicily to shopping malls with the best designer yet the best bargains. We also offer shopping sprees with a difference.

How about joining us to the narrow winding streets of the souks of Marrakech in Morocco where you can expect to buy a bargain for home goods like handmade carpets, beanbags and lamps and ceramics. You can expect a great cultural experience as you haggle away your skills to catch a good bargain for the most colorful handmade carpet that you will use under your plain sofa or buy spices that will spice up your meals.

If perhaps you would like to get lost at the Grand Bazaar where you buy not only colorful lampshades for the house but also perfect quality clothes with a bargain at the beautiful city of Istanbul.