In these FAQs for group travel we will be discussing the most common questions that fellow travellers have.

Travelling Solo? No problem..

Joining us as a Solo traveller is extremely normal. Kraze travel is a community of like-minded people, and we welcome new comers with arms wide open. Prior to the the trip, we organise team building activities, and this ensures that a bond is created between all members of the group, even before heading out on the adventure. 

The only thing that we ask of you is to let go, and be open to making new friends. We promise, that you will create new friendships that will last way beyond the trip itself.

P.s. We are happy to say that on our trips, we’ve even had people joining us as solo travellers, and heading back home as a couple 😉 That is entirely up to you though 🙂 

People on our groups

At Kraze Travel, we are a community of like-minded people. We all love travel and adventure. Whether joining us as a solo traveller, or with your friends or partner, you can rest assured that you will connected with the other people travelling within your group. 

Who will I share the room with?

Since most people join us as solo travellers, most people are open to making new friends. After you have had the opportunity to meet the group, we will connect you with someone of the same sex to share the room with. Naturally, we will only place ladies with ladies, and lads with lads in a room. 

Can I book a single room?

Yes, booking a single room is an option for you at an extra cost. Unless you have a sleeping condition, such as sleep apnea, we encourage you not to book a single room. Sharing the room with someone you don’t know will open up an opportunity for new to truly make a connection with a person. Giving you an amazing opportunity to make life-long friends. 

What type of team building activities do you do?

Before the trip, we ensure that everyone meets their fellow travellers more than once. Except for the skydiving trip, which is only a 2 day trip, we make sure that there’s a minimum of 5 events done for each group before they leave. 

Who will lead the trip?

All our trips are led by an experienced Maltese trip manager who will ensure that everyone in the group feels at ease and that everything moves smoothly, throughout the trip. Moreover, on each trip we have local Kraze Travel representatives who will give us insights about the cultural aspect about the place we are in. Even though we have travelled to each place that we offer ourselves, we can never share the same depth of information as a local would. Discover All Our Available Upcoming Trips

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Making sure you travel with people you’ll enjoy 

How many people in the group?

We pride ourselves in taking only small groups. On our trips, we take a maximum of 19 people. Having a small groups makes it possible to actually get to know each and every person travelling with you. Moreover, being a small group eliminates the issue of having small groups forming up, which could eventually lead you to feeling estranged with fellow travellers, rather, this will give you the opportunity to really connect with everyone else in the group. 

What are the ages of fellow travellers?

At Kraze Travel we tend to attract younger people. The ages of most people joining our trips are between 22 and 44. However, occasionally people over 45 years do join our trips which tend to be extremely down to Earth and who have a thirst for adventure. Due to the nature of our trips (involving adventure), we never get old people [some people are 18 and act as if they are 60, and others are 60 years, and act as if they are 18].

Only people who are full of energy and positive vibes join us. 

Do you accept children on your trips? 

No, even though we do appreciate that some people would want to travel with their children to amazing locations around the world. On our group travels, we only take adults (18+), to ensure that everyone can feels comfortable. 

If you’d like to travel with your children, we can still help you to #MakeItHappen though.. On our private tours, we can organise a trip that is designed to your specific needs, helping you to make the most out of your time while on holiday, whilst ensuring that you have a safe trip.

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Ready-made planned itineraries by travellers for travellers

How do you get the information about the places we’re visiting? 

We only talk about places we’ve been to ourselves. What is the purpose of us replying to your intricate questions about what to expect on a trip, after getting the information from a Google search? You could do that yourself, and see contradicting information making it hard to know who to believe. 

Therefore, we will only plan trips to places we’ve been to ourselves, so we can know the details about what it really feels to travel in that country. 

How are the itineraries designed? 

After going travelling within the country ourselves, and making the mistakes based on what we’ve read on the internet, we will know what each place and experience is truly about. Some places are totally over-hyped, and therefore we do not include them in our itinerary. On the other hand, sometimes we end up in places that aren’t mentioned on the internet, and yet they would be so incredible and authentic that we’d share them with you. 

In general, our trips are filled with adventures, and also include some time to relax and chill. 

Would we meet to get detailed info?

We like making sure you are fully prepared before you head out on your next adventure, and we are always all in to giving you information. That’s why we’ve created these FAQs for group travel. Before going on your trip, we organise info meetings at our office in Attard to give you all the info you need to be fully prepared before the trip. 

Will we have free time? 

Yes, travelling isn’t just about going from one place to the next. It is also about absorbing the culture and the place you are visiting (for some people that translates to Shopping!). Therefore, in the most worthy spots, you will have time to roam around (after we get you acquainted with the place) at leisure. If you’d rather hang with the group, that cool too. The trip manager will also advise their whereabouts, and anyone is free to join them during their leisure time. Discover All Our Available Upcoming Trips

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Other FAQs for Group Travel

I would love to travel outside of Europe, but the flights… 

We get it. Being in a closed space for  a while might not be the most entertaining part of the trip. However, it is a necessary evil. Malta is an island, and to visit another country we must fly (or take a boat which would take ages). Over the years, the safety of planes has drastically improved, and they are far more safe that walking, driving on the streets. 

Moreover on our trips to Asia we only work with Turkish Airlines and Emirates, who provide 1) amazing food 2) free alcoholic drinks [some red wine always helps us get to sleep faster..] 3) a great selection of movies to enjoy during the flight. Also, keep in mind that flights aren’t straight from Malta to the final destination, and therefore the duration of the flight is always split in two. 

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How does the travel Referral Discount apply?

Simple, if you are not travelling solo and you are getting someone with you on a Kraze Trip you will get a Referral Discount. This discount changes for different trips (and is indicated on the same page as the price for the trip), and can be either taken all by the person who got their friend with them, or can be shared. 

I’ve never traveled outside of Europe, what should I know? 

Like most of y’all, we have traveled extensively in Europe, and have admired its charm, however there is a whole new world outside of Europe. Once we got a taste of that, we couldn’t get enough!

Having a million questions at this stage is totally normal 🙂 That’s why we’ve created these FAQs for group travel. It is important to have all the info you need when taking a decision. However rest assured that prior to each trip, we will give you documents with detailed information relating to VISA, vaccines, local etiquette, traditional food options, the type of electrical points of the country and any other information you’d need to truly experience the country you’re visiting in the best way possible. 

What if I cannot afford it?

​As can be seen from these FAQs for group travel, from the get-go, we set out on a mission to help people to live their dreams and to #MakeItHappen. Now we understand that whilst travelling has become less costly than it used to be, it can still cause a financial strain to some.

For that reason, we ensure to keep the prices reasonable so that everyone can afford them. Feel free to compare our prices to what other travel agencies offer, to see the difference (when comparing the same itineraries). Having said that, paying for the whole trip right when you book might not be feasible for you.

That is why we only ask for a small deposit for each trip and we allow payments to be made across a period of 2 to 4 months, depending on the trip, at no extra cost.