Food tours that will tantalize your taste buds!

Eating and drinking are some of the greatest joys in life, that can be explored through local food tours. Eating was regarded as a way in which we could fill up our tummies, to get the calories we need to remain alive. Yet over the years, we’ve evolved.

All peoples of the world, used as best as they could, the resources they were blessed with, to create local dishes and drinks. They have perfected these recipes, from one generation to the next. And this has created a legacy of local dishes from each country. Some countries have managed to make actual art from their dishes. And with our food safaris, we want to share with you the most incredible dishes, and cooking techniques of the world.

At Kraze Travel as travel agents in Malta, we are experienced in organizing travel trips. And yet, we are not food experts. So we’ve partnered up with Mark Camilleri, a top chef and food judge, to find the best dishes the world. From the delicious sweets of the alleys in Sicily to the exquisite Thai food, we’ve got your covered.

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food tours in sicily

Each country in the world has developed unique dishes, since the start of Civilisation. Luckily, in Europe, we have many delicious options on the table. Sicily and Italy, Malta’s neighbors, are home to some of the most delicious, and simple dishes in the world. Paris is cheese heaven. And let’s not even get started about the infinite opportunities for wine-tasting!

And yet, if you have more time on your hands (and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need much more money), we invite you to explore dishes beyond Europe.

Asia is a relatively cheap continent to visit that offers an explosion of flavors. From the spicy curries of India to the refreshingly healthy Thai food, you simply won’t get enough.