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By travelling on Local living & Culture Tours you will be exploring a new world. Travelling is about exploring new cultures, and different ways of life. For Millenia, people have ventured far beyond their usual lives to discover foreign cultures. Travelling gives a perspective about life, that is impossible to understand when we are stuck in the same country. At home, we follow the unique customs of our families and society. And we take these customs for granted.

Yet, when we travel to different locations we see that everything we take for granted is done differently in other cultures. From the way we eat, shower and go to the toilet, to the way we dress, work, and entertain ourselves. Different cultures have adopted different status-quo, depending on their particular situations. Religions, wars, governments, proximity to the sea, have all had an impact on the culture of each country. Reading about cultures from the internet gives you an understanding of what is normal far away from home. But when you actually go there and share food with the locals, you will get the true perspective.

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We avoid touristy destinations. And we like meeting local people use English, sign language, and whatever means we can to talk to these people. Then and only then we can truly start to understand who is poor and what is rich.

In Sri Lanka, we get to experience a cleaner version of India. Where the women wear sarees, and yet the streets are clean. We get to meet the tribe, the Vedda people. Who still live in the jungle, using the most primitive techniques to sustain their life.  

Morocco is a wonderful cultural gem, close to home. They love it when they speak Maltese and they can partly understand us (but we can’t understand them). Walking through the streets of Marrakesh is an overwhelming experience. There’s cobras, monkey, and people selling clothes, bags, dead camels heads – and everything!

Trekking in Nepal is a unique trekking experience (that will challenge you to your core), and yet that will expose you to the real way of life of Nepalis. These people have been forced into the mountains during the Tibet and China war, and have remained living there for generations. Conditions are tough, and their lives revolve around agriculture to sustain themselves, and the trekkers that visit them.