Shopping Tours to get bargains!

Our shopping tours will take you right to the source. If you are the type of person that loves a good shopping spree and a great bargain then look no further than our shopping focused itinerary trips. From shopping malls to grand bazaars and souks our shopping therapy methods integrate culture.

These shopping itineraries are where colors will mesmerize you and a great bargain is in store for everyone. From personal clothing to home shopping and kitchen spices there will be a bargain for everyone. The good news is that we have exotic places where haggling is part of the fun, so a bargain is more than simply guaranteed. While on trip buckle up for some delicious local food and interesting sights to see to make your shopping weekend spree complete. 

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shopping in marrakech with kraze travel
tours to go shopping in sicily
clothes buying tours in turkey instanbul

Our shopping spree trips are great therapy for those who love it. If you want a short quick shopping spree fix than join our trip to Sicily to shopping malls with the best designer yet the best bargains. We also offer shopping sprees with a difference.

How about joining us to the narrow winding streets of the souks of Marrakech in Morocco where you can expect to buy a bargain for home goods like handmade carpets, beanbags and lamps and ceramics. You can expect a great cultural experience as you haggle away your skills to catch a good bargain for the most colorful handmade carpet that you will use under your plain sofa or buy spices that will spice up your meals.

If perhaps you would like to get lost at the Grand Bazaar where you buy not only colorful lampshades for the house but also perfect quality clothes with a bargain at the beautiful city of Istanbul.