Trekking Holidays creating memories that last a lifetime!

Going on Trekking tours can also be seen as a form of meditation. As you are breathing in and out, whilst trekking in nature, your mind naturally stops wondering and starts living in the now.

Trekking teaches us that even the furthest destination, the hardest goals, are achieved step after step. And that to get to our goal, the best that we can do right now is to take the next step. It teaches us to work in a team, and that each of us have our struggles while on the same journey. And it shows us that by sticking with our team, we are more likely to succeed. That strong teams stick together, no matter what.

Whether you are seeking to summit mountains, or just to have leisurely walks in nature, breathing the fresh air of the jungles of Sri Lanka, or the mountains in Peru, will be a rejuvenating experience. Our community of like-minded people welcomes fellow travellers who love, a good laugh, adventure and the freedom of mountain treks. in a new tab)

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thorong la pass nepal
tents on inca trail with group travel to peru

Whether you are interested in mountain summit, or easy 3 hour treks in nature we’ve got your back.

Our tours to Nepal, home of the Himalayas, tend to be more aggressive. Trekking the Thorong La Pass, or to Everest Base Camp, both include trekking up to more than 5400 meters in altitude.

Trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, is another style of adventure. The altitude is lower, with the highest point being the Dead Woman’s Pass at 4200 meters in altitude. Yet the number (and height) of steps is quad-wrenching. Call us masochists, but we love a good challenge.

Summitting Mount Toubkal, is over a shorter period of time, and therefore easier mentally, however the sheer ascends and descends on summit day, will certainly leave you accomplished, for years after summitting. 

We also love in nature. And trips to places like Sri Lanka, Bali and Turkey, include easier treks.