Mount Toubkal

Summitting North Africa’s Highest Mountain


Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa & stands at 4,167 meters in altitude. During this incredible trip, we will get to experience the best that Morocco has to offer. From sleeping under a blanket full of stars in the Sahara desert, to riding camels the next morning, to exploring the quaint towns of Marrakesh, Chefchauen, and Fes. 

For the adventurers, this trip to Morocco is certainly one not to miss.


13 days

5th – 18Th September 2024

10 days leave required

12 Spots left

Travel Style

Cultural And Adventure. Trekking & Adventure.

Physical Rating: 4/5

Ideal for the adventure seekers, who want a challenge & a holiday on the same trip.

Small group

This is a small group experience. Maximum 19 persons only.

A Unique experience of a lifetime

Morocco draws you in.

From the colorful, heady markets filled with the rich scents of spices to the vibrant Atlas Mountains, there is just so much to see in this incredible North African country.

Trekkers are most likely to experience the climax of their trip in Morocco as we summit Mount Toubkal. At 4,167m, the summit offers incredible views. Naturally, the trek is a challenging experience in itself. The sense of victory will make you feel good inside for decades. 

The Experience

During our 2 weeks in Morocco, you will get the opportunity to get the total experience of this North African gem. Contrary to the belief of some, Berbers, the locals of Morocco, are incredibly nice people. Their awe, as you speak the Maltese language will instantly put your on their good books.

Press play & unmute to enjoy!

Experiences of Fellow Travellers

Sarah Baldacchino

As I was a solo, I’m super glad I tagged along to morocco and made it happen. It was great fun and made new friends. We were a great team and it was all laughs and smiles all along. Saw the best Morocco has to offer. Totally recommend Kraze travel !! Would definitely tag along again

Andrea Muscat 

Back from an amazing trip to Morocco with Tag Along Travellers. It was worth all the money and time put into it. Our stay in Morocco was an unforgettable experience. The small groups of like-minded people are what makes travelling with Tag Along Travellers so special. Also enjoy joining in on their treks around the Maltese Islands. Will definitely consider going on another trip with them in the future! Thanks to all, especially our organiser, Romy Desi Cara.

Maggie Xuereb

What an experience with u all, new friends, we were best group ever thanks Romy for made it happen… Morocco is a place to visit only with tag along travellers…. Insallah

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