Travel with Teenage Children made fun for parents and children alike !

To Travel with Teenage Children is to build a stronger bond (based on an adventure), with your children. Your children are growing up, and fast! So is their tolerance for adrenaline. Foster their quest for adventure.

Just imagine the look on your children’s face when they come face to face with elephants in Sri Lanka, or with Nemo in the Ocean in Bali! They will know that their parents are ‘cool’, and they’d want to hang around more often.

The influence that your children’s friends have on them is growing with each day. And therefore, it would be best for you to build a stronger relationship with your children.

And what better way to consolidate the foundations of the relationship with your children, than through travel!   

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Turkey with teenagers
Dubai with teenagers

Sicily weekend break  with family
London weekend break with family
Morocco holiday with teens
Thailand with teenage children

Holiday in Mauritius with kids

Bali with children
Tours in Sri Lanka

Philippines with teens
Slovenia with teens

Travel with Teenage Children is great because they are at a stage where they want to explore, where they can actually remember a great trip and quality time can be enjoyed before they leave their family nest.

Great places that can be enjoyed with teens are Bali and Sri Lanka if we are talking about far exotic dream destinations. Bali offers a great first-time experience outside Europe, with plenty of educational learning for teens as they experience their culture. At the same Bali is not too raw, offering suitable activities for teens to enjoy including amusement parks and experiences. On the other hand, Sri Lanka offers a more raw experience in a safe way. It offers wildlife and getting up close and personal with these exotic animals will be only one of the many highlights this country offers.

Beach paradise countries with great adventures include the Philippines, Mauritius, Maldives and Thailand. So both are ideal if your family enjoy sea side locations. These countries are not only exotic offering the best holiday beaches but they offer adventures suitable for your family’s needs. And if you’d like to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience, go skydiving with your children – they will never forget that!

On the other hand, if you would like to opt for a short holiday then gong somewhere nearby like Sicily or Garda land is one of the best places. Gardaland has an amusement park with rides for older kids and thrill-seekers but apart from that other activities are offered in Lake Garda Area. For Example, Monte Baldo is a great area to enjoy beautiful views of the lake as well as enjoy a great trek with them. Sicily is only a ferry away and it has so much to offer from lakes to adventure parks, outdoor activities, and more.