Travel in Couples as Friends

Every once in a while, it is nice to travel in couples as friends. From our own personal experience, we think that couples would rather go on holiday to relax. That said if you’d like to go on a party trip with your friends you can click here for more information about destinations and ideas for packages.

Our idea of travelling as couples is that of that of going on holiday to chill. As the lead adventure travel agents in Malta, we always like to include some adventure within our itineraries.

If you click one of the destinations below, you will get ideas of packages that we have in mind for couples. We now invite you to check them out, and to get in touch with us with any question you might have. We’d love to help you plan your next holiday, and we are also able to change these itineraries based on your likings. We only talk from our experience. Therefore, any tips and recommendations that we will share with you would be 100% reliable. Our partners are all tried and tested. This means that you can rest assured that your holiday will be safe, and full of epic adventures.

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Budapest holiday relaxing
A holiday in Turkey Cappadocia
Morocco holiday
Quad biking in Sicily with Friends
Philippines beach holiday
a couple on their honeymoon in Greece
A couple kissing in nature while on their honeymoon
A couple on a swing overloking a lake in Bali
A couple on the beach in Mauritius

Our experience in the above countries is great for a group of friends traveling in couples. Budapest offers great sightseeing and relaxation options in their thermal spas all in one area. If you love adventure and outdoor activities then how about exploring Turkey’s very own outdoor haven Cappadocia. Famous for its hot air balloons, this magical place also provides trekking, horse riding, and quad biking adventures. Or perhaps you are interested in getting immersed in Morocco’s culture.

If you have a little more time on your hands and would love to go on an adventure outside Europe than our itineraries to Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Bali and Mauritius is the best to suit your needs. With a personal driver to take you around the country and great adventures in each country depending on your likes will blow your mind, whether you love the beaches, nature or both.