Adrenaline Rush

2 epic days in Sicily

Experience the amazing thrill of free-fall Skydiving!

Conquering the skies has never been this easy and exhilarating at the same time.

Join us for 2 days of pure adrenaline epicness. 2 days that will surely be unforgettable!

2 days

7th - 8th March 2020

seats booked

Travel Style


How about jumping off of a flying plane? The true definition of adrenaline.

Physical Rating


Accessible to almost everyone. 

Trip Type

Small Group

This is a small group experience.
Maximum 19 persons only. 

An Exhilarating experience

This 2 day experience may be short but the memories created will surely be long-lived in the hearts of those who Dare to Dream the most . Witness the breathtaking views from 4200m above the ground while plummeting down at 220Km/h.

Catch The Moment

You will have the opportunity to re-live one of the most epic moments in your life. Check out Luke's exhilarating moment!

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One major bucket list item struck out with the help of Luke and Romy! A very well organised epic experience in Sicily quad biking and sky diving with a great group who after just one day i can call friends. Luke and Romy will do just about anything to make sure that our trip is without any problems from start to finish!

I can say that Tag Along Travellers made one of my dreams come true and I am sure that together we will #MakeItHappen again :D Best experience ever thanks to two amazing people 


Neville Gauci

32, Musician


Was an epic weekend. Surrounded by beautiful people, running around with quad bikes for the relaxing part of the whole experience, afterwards falling at a speed of 220kmh for the epic adrenaline junky rush. Was great and would recommend it to friends in the future!


Chris Hillsers

27, Accountant


Experienced an awesome adrenaline weekend break in Sicily which involved skydiving and quad biking. Great overall experience, if you're looking for a daring activity to get out of your comfort zone with friends or solo, TagAlongTravellers is the go to place to start planning your next trip. Will definitely be back to experience another eye opening adventure. Thanks Romy & Luke


Karl Mifsud

23, Photographer

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