From the narrow windy medina roads to witnessing leather making at local tanneries, to the picturesque blue streets of Chefchaouen, to hiking in the Atlas Mountains and refreshing at the waterfalls Cascades dÁkchour, to the chaotic bazaars of Jemaa-el Fna Souk, to the art of carpet making, to the camel ride safari and sleeping under the stars in the desert to witnessing the sunrise over the sand dunes. Whether you want to go on a group tour or on a private tour, no tours in Morocco will be complete without all these amazing experiences that await you in this beautiful country.

Morocco Tours


Maltese Nationals do not require a Visa to enter Morocco. If you do not have a Maltese Passport please check that if your nationality is also visa free. For more detailed info the consulate of Morocco in Malta is in Luqa. Contact info: +356 22058 2501 War Victims Square, Luqa LQA 1010 

Time Zone

Morocco is only one hour behind Malta with a GMT+01:00

Best time to go on Tours to Morocco

The best time to go on tours in Morocco would be during spring (April till June) or during the autumn (September to October) when the temperature is still warm and the sun shines yet its not too hot. July and August during the summer months it will be too hot to visit the country.


You can visit the website to check what vaccinations are required before going on tours to Morocco or call the Floriana Immunization center on 21243314 to guide you accordingly.


Morocco use their local currency Moroccan Dinham. 1 Euro is approximately equivalent to 11 MD. You cannot find exchange from your own country before going on tours to Morocco, in fact it is illegal to take money out of the country. You can exchange at the airport as soon as you arrive or at the first city.


Moroccan cuisine is famous for its delicious stews; the so called legendary tagines.  Typically, a tagine is a rich stew of meat, poultry or fish, and most often includes vegetables or fruit.

Country Top things to do by interest


Morocco is diverse in its nature. It has beautiful stretches of sand from the Sahara Desert as well as mountain ranges. The Sahara Desert offers a nice camel ride in nature while witnessing the starts at night and sleeping in a nomad tent. While the Rif mountains in the north offer beautiful views as well as gorgeous cascades and waterfalls which one can relax at.

camel Ride Morocco

Beaches, Swimming & Relaxing

No one would travel to Morocco to go on a beach holiday, however they do have beautiful beaches hugging the Atlantic Ocean. Visiting this area during the hotter months is ideal. One pretty seaside village would be Essaouira, with its long beach of Plage Tagharte where you can not only relax and enjoy the sun but also camel or horse ride on the beach.

Nature & trekking

Morocco is a trail heaven for trekkers. In fact, many tours in Morocco choose to go trekking and one can decide to do from easy few hours treks to medium length treks as well as hard treks with overnight stays. Trekking is most common in the Atlas mountain region. The hardest trek here would be Mount Toubkal at 4167 meters which is the highest peak in North Africa. 


No tours in Morocco will be complete without a camel safari in the Sahara Desert. The safari usually consists of a camel ride which takes you to your nomad tent where you will spend the night.  


Sightseeing in Morocco is simply an amazing way to explore their culture and beautiful sites of interest. Ait Ben Haddou is a great spot where many movies have been filmed, and in fact is a UNECSO world heritage site.

Fes on the other hand takes you back in time and it great to see auctions of leather as well as the leather tanneries and the medina narrow streets as well as the royal palace.

Tours in Morocco also go sightseeing in Marrakech, where they get to witness the beautiful mosaic rich Bahia palace as well as the busy streets of this bustling city.

Chefchouen is well known for its blue streets and it’s on many people’s bucket list. Make sure you do not camouflage yourself by wearing blue!!

Tours in Morocco Chefchouen


Marrakech and Fes are both heaven for those who love a bargain. Shopping is simply amazing in the souk of Jemma El Fna, Marrakech. You can buy anything from leather shoes, bags, jackets and bean bags, many traditional lamps and art, local hand weaved carpets and souvenirs. Haggling is a must when buying at the souk, usually you can go down to half the price they give you.


Quad biking in the desert is one hell of an adrenaline rush while in Ait Ben Haddou. On the other hand, sand boarding down massive sand dunes could also be of great fun.

Another interesting adrenaline activity which can be done from Marrakech is Hot Air ballooning in the early hours of the morning.

Local Living Experiences

One of the best local living experiences in Morocco would be to get lost in the narrow streets of the souk and bargain your way through the shopping stalls. Ensure you stop to enjoy a nice cup of the so called ‘’Berber Whiskey’’ which is nothing but Moroccan mint tea. Also do not forget to try the art of pottery and indulge in the herboristerie of the medinas where one can experience the natural medical products produced by the locals. Also, an important local living experience is learning how to wear a turban, you’ll find it useful in the desert.


Waking up to the chanting sounds of the prayers from the mosque at 5am makes you realize you are in the Muslim culture of Morocco. The majority of the population identifies themselves as Arab and Berber (the indigenous group of North Africa).  Most of the population speak French and to a less degree some speak Spanish, due to the colonial influence they have had from France and Spain respectively.


Tagine is the official Moroccan cuisine. This ceramic pot with a pointed lid is used directly on an open flame to slow cook vegetables or couscous and meat. Usually, beef, lamb or fish is cooked. This healthy way of cooking is usually served with their delicious Harira soup as a starter with fresh Moroccan bread.