Peru’s magical vibes make it a perfect destination for an exotic private friends holiday. From sand dunes to the ocean, from the dense forest to the mountains, the country is a very big place. There are many tours in Peru that one can do to satisfy their wanderlust and bucket list experience.

Friends holiday in Peru

Here is a 2-week adventure itinerary for a great trip to Peru on your friends holiday in Peru.

Day 1: Welcome to Peru

Pachamama welcomes you to Peru, the land of hidden treasures. After such a long flight you will refresh today and relax, have dinner and charge yourself for the wonders that await.

 Day 2: Flying to the Amazon Jungle

Fly to Puerto Maldonado and continue your trip on a motorised boat down the river where

we will hike in the forest and witness some of the most amazing species of animals. We walk to get to the Lake area where the comfortable and intimate

Lodge in the Amazon Jungle close to the National Reserve of Tambopata is found. Relax in the cabin and in the afternoon you can enjoy jungle activities and walks around the lodge with chances of witnessing the wildlife in the Amazon jungle.

Day 3: The Amazon Jungle

Early wake up to witness otters on their morning hunt in the lake. Enjoy guided excursions led by expert naturalists to spot wildlife at nearby oxbow lakes and along jungle trails. Climb a very tall tree to witness the tree tops from a monkey eye view.

Amazon jungle private friends holiday

Spend some time relaxing in a hammock and visit a Local farm where you learn

about native plants like the Famous ayahuasca. Witness the beautiful views from the lodge and enjoy the sound of nature.

Day 4: Friends holiday in Peru go to Cusco

After getting to the internal airport, catch the flight to Cusco. Cusco is at very high altitude and hence you might feel light headed until you get used to the altitude. But in the meantime you can go shopping  in their colourful markets and explore the city. Begin acclimating to the altitude and hike to San Cristobal neighborhood and enjoy their culture and cuisine.

Day 5: Exploring Cusco

Time to relax and explore City of Incas. The colorful markets will mesmerize you and you can also enjoy local food at their food markets. If you are up for it you can explore Cusco’s surroundings on horseback or perhaps enjoy a cooking class.

Day 6: A Cultural Day

After breakfast at the hotel.  You will visit a community project above Cusco, in a town called Chinchero in the upper side of the Sacred Valley.  Here you will check out textile demonstrations and learn how the people in the Andes naturally dye and hand-weave their alpaca wool. Enjoy lunch time at the community project and here will be your first opportunity to meet an Alpaca.

Take shuttle to Ollantaytambo, the living Inca town.

Day 7: The famous Inca Trail – perfect for an adventure friends holiday in Peru

If you are an adventurous person you would want to walk the 4-day Inca Trail to get the Macchu Picchu. After breakfast at the hotel, and fuel up for the hike you will shuttle from Ollantaytambo to km 82, the start of the Inca Trail.  The first day of the Hike is relatively easy. We’ll pass by some small Andean communities and stop for a chance to enjoy the view of Patallacta Inca site before continuing to our lunch spot. After lunch we continue hiking for some hours, ascending until we arrive at our campsite. Your 5 million star accommodation for the night.

Day 8: Day 2 of the Inca Trail

An early wake up as we head to the Dead Woman’s Pass. We will start a steep ascent with many stairs towards the highest point of our journey at 4200m. After a rest here, we’ll begin to make our way down to the lunch stop. After lunch we have another summit to conquer. We’ll hike up a steep trail up and then down until we reach our campsite, enjoying the views of the Andes Valley and the Inca site of Runcuracay.

Day 9: Day 3 of the Inca Trail

Today we hike the Pacaymayo Valley. An early wake up on your friends holiday in Peru and breakfast at the campsite. Climb to visit the archaeological site of Phuyupatamarca for spectacular views of the mountains, canyons and surrounding areas. After the Inca site we continue walking down, through the cloud forest and the impressive agricultural Inca site of Intipata as we make our way to our third campsite: Wiñay Wayna. After lunch at the campsite, we walk to the impressive Inca site of Wiñaywayna.

Day 10: Macchu Picchu

Wake up nice and early to get through Intipunku, the famous Sun Gate, before the crowds. Take in the incredible views of the Lost City of the Incas as you make your way down for a guided tour of this magical site. This will be a truly satisfying morning, knowing that you have trekking 42km to get to one of the sever wonders of the world and it is truly a magical place.

After you will have time for lunch in Aguas Calientes, and later take a beautiful train journey back to Ollantaytambo and embark on a shuttle journey to Cusco.

Day 11: The Rainbow Mountain

Tours in Peru are not complete if you do not visit the colourful and spectacular Rainbow Mountain on your friends holiday in Peru. The journey there and back will be long but worth the ride. The mountain stands at 5200m, however you will start trekking at 4316m unless you want to ride a horse and walk the last part. It will be short but hard but most of all magical once you witness it.

On the way back you will stop for lunch and drive back to Cusco.

Rainbow Mounatin private friends holiday
Vinicunca, Cusco Region, Peru. Montana de Siete Colores, or Rainbow Mountain.

Day 12: Back to Lima

Catch an internal flight to Lima. Today you can explore the city sitting on the cliff edges and enjoy their cafes and restaurants.

Day 13:  The coast of Peru

Drive from Lima to Huacachina (5 hours’ drive). Huacachina is a magical oasis where you can do many adventures like buggy rides on the sand dunes and sand boarding. After relaxing at this pretty oasis town you head towards Paracas with a stop along the way to a pisco factory to taste the different piscos that there are, a local alcoholic drink in Peru.

Day 14: An Iconic Peruvian Sight

Get ready for the Ballestas island tour, where the boat will take you to this truly natural treasures in Peru where you can see sea lions and Penguins and dolphins.  (the boat tour takes about 2 hours).

In the afternoon you can enjoy and explore Paracas area and feed the many pelicans that come your way. Later catch the bus back to Lima.

Day 15:  All great things come to an end

Today your 2 week friends holiday in Peru has come to an end and you will be escorted to the hotel for your flight back home.

Tours in Peru will leave you with many sweet memories and many stories to tell. It is definitely the most magical destination that you can experience with your favourite people on your friends holiday in Peru.