Turkey Outdoor Adventure

13 Adventurous Days in Turkey


Embark on this epic trip to Turkey for a great holiday with a great mix of adventure, culture and nature.

Conquer different bucket list activities from white water rafting, canyoning, hot air ballooning and if you are super adventurous paragliding too.

From pristine white sandy beaches 🏖️, turquoise waters 🐬 to cultural indulgence, ancient ruins and enchanting colourful souks, waterfalls and hot springs, beautiful epic sunsets and sunrises 🌅, amazing adrenaline outdoor activities … the Kraze Turkish Outdoor Adventure trip has it all to make a trip of a lifetime.


13 days

New dates to be announced

19 Spots Max

Travel Style

Traveller style.

Physical Rating: 3/5

Medium range. 

Small group

This is a small-group experience. Maximum 19 persons only.

An adventure of a lifetime

This 13-day experience has the best itinerary to include some of the best destinations in this beautiful country. Starting with the city laying in between two continents Europe and Asia, Istanbul is spectacular. Followed by the instafamous town of Cappadocia and its famous hot air balloon rides, across to the wonderful Antalya region with its turquoise coastline perfect for a beach destination.


You will have the opportunity to live through one of the most epic holidays of Kraze Travel. Check out this video to put you in the right mood for positive Turkish vibes.

Experiences of Fellow Travellers


A truly memorable experience that I will surely remember!! ❤ The trip was amazing in itself and we also had the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Definitely recommend Kraze Travel for an incredible experience 😊