15 vibrant Days

Experience the staggering beauty of Vietnam! From floating markets on rivers to amazing dark caves, we are sure to make your experience one of the best times of your life.

You will be ticking off numerous bucket list dreams from the picturesque Halong bay to walking on the famous and newly built golden bridge, from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi to riding a coconut boat, you name it, we got it!


15 days

5th Sept - 19th Sept 2020

11 Days of Leave Required

Seats booked

Travel Style

adventure & relaxation

Trekking and relaxing

Physical Rating


Accessible to moderately fit people

Trip Type

Small Group

This is a small group experience.
Maximum 18 persons only. 

A Unique experience of a lifetime

This 13 day cultural experience in Vietnam will surely leave its positive vibes. The memories created will surely be long-lived in the hearts of those who Dare to Dream the most . Witness amazing Vietnam like never before with different experiences everyday!

The Experience

Here is a video of some of the experiences that await you in Vietnam!

This trip is sure to give you a true taste of the Vietnamese cultural complexities.

We will experience a night in the famous night trains that take us from different cities overnight to wandering around rural villages that only Vietnam offers.

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Well, what to say about these two great people? THEY ROCK, I highly recommend the work they do, to make YOU DARE TO DREAM, but most of all TO MAKE IT HAPPEN smoothly and nicely as possible, meeting like minded people and making great friends!!! Top Notch Luke and Romy keep the vibe coming, until next time Travellers :D



Kawki Lewis


One of the best trips I’ve ever been to! it was very well organised and no time was wasted throughout. i would definitely join another adventure


Leah Pisani


Fantastic!! Lots of fun and well organised! Great way of meeting new like minded people! 
Luke and Romy so raw and real.... love them


Kizzy Caruana

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