a Welsh outdoor adventure

An adventure of a lifetime

A short escape like no other! 

This 5-day trip to Wales is jam-packed with Outdoor Adventure.

We'll be trekking in some of the most picturesque mountains of Europe, and enjoying  countless adventures in the Snowdonia National Park.  We'll also have the opportunity to trek the unique Crib Goch route.

Caving, abseiling, and zip-lining are few of the adrenaline pumping activities on this trip. 


5 days

19th Jun - 23rd Jun 2020

2 Days of Leave Required

Seats booked

Travel Style

trekking & adrenaline

Jam-packed with outdoor fun

Physical Rating


Accessible to moderately fit people; who aren't afraid of heights

Trip Type

Small Group

This is a small group experience.
Maximum 19 persons only. 

get your freak on!

We are a community of like-minded people who are always ready for an adventure. Join us, on this 5-day trip to Wales, as we make new friends on epic adventures together.

The Experience

Led by Ryan Saliba, an experienced trip manager, and an avid mountain trekker, and trail runner, on this 5-day trip, you'll get to experience the top experiences at the Welsh Highlands.

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Well, what to say about these two great people? THEY ROCK, I highly recommend the work they do, to make YOU DARE TO DREAM, but most of all TO MAKE IT HAPPEN smoothly and nicely as possible, meeting like minded people and making great friends!!! Top Notch Luke and Romy keep the vibe coming, until next time Travellers :D


Kawki Lewis

One of the best trips I’ve ever been to! it was very well organised and no time was wasted throughout. i would definitely join another adventure

Leah Pisani

Fantastic!! Lots of fun and well organised! Great way of meeting new like minded people! 
Luke and Romy so raw and real.... love them

Kizzy Caruana

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